All room's available are operated by chatters some rooms are public and some are private requiring a password Most rooms are moderated by the room owner, moderator access is limited to the room it's created for.

Permanent or limited moderator access is available to members on request from the room operator.

Privacy is controlled by you the chatter you choose who views or contacts you during your chat session

Web cams and Voice are 100% dedicated to these chat rooms each user is able to watch up to 50 web cams at a single time

Speciality rooms are available on request ( Raise Hand Voice , Conference Room's )

All rooms are set to push 2 talk mode , web cams are set to popup on view , can be docked in room

Public broadcast cams are available on request for speciality rooms.

Custom domain names can be linked to any chat room you operated

Rooms sizes available up to 2,000 user's in a single chat room on request.

Thanks for choosing Chatterous , Hope you enjoy the experience.