Don't Mind The Dust Were Updating The Website

  • Updating Security Implementation Methods
  • Creating a CMS Based login admin system with a lockout feature
  • Switching from MD5 security to SHA256 SSL
  • Moving from HTML porting to HTML5 With PHP integration

    In Chat Features

    Drawing In Chat
    Post Videos In Chat
    Share Pictures in Chat
    Send Room Invites
    Buddy List
    User Block List
    Public Members List

    Vulnerability Scanner


    Are you looking for FREE

    Highest Quality On The Net
    Push 2 Talk & Hands Free High-fidelity Sound
    Unlimited Viewing of 1080 HD Sizable WebCams
    Absolutely nothing to download

    P2P Features

    Private Messaging
    Private Voice
    Share files


  requires you to upload a photo and to show your webcam
    for required verification this will help us put the fake out and to keep the real in.

    By pressing enter chat you are entering a 18+ website and you accept that you are on a 18+ website

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